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How to Find A Good Church?

So you are looking for a new church?  This is a common issue.  So what do you look for in a church? As a pastor I am always shocked or surprised about how Christians go about looking for a church.  Most of the time it is very self centered!  I am sure I could write a whole blog on reasons why people join a church.  Instead of looking at the negative side, I would like to focus on applicable ways to truly find a TRUE church in your area!

find a church

1.  You Must Plan

When looking for a job, a wife, a source of entertainment there is always a plan!  At your future job you may ask questions like how much money am I will to be paid minimum?  What hours would I be willing to work?  What are the benefits?  Is there are retirement program?  What is the insurance like?

These are all great questions to be asked.  And probably MUST be asked.  We would ask like questions in regards to our marriage  and entertainment choices. We would study things out before we jump into a situation we do not want to be in.  We make a diligent and disciplined effort to make sure we are making the right choice.

However, when it comes to make one of the MOST important choices of your life,we do not have a plan of action!  So here are a few thoughts on how to make a plan.

  • Know What You Believe
  • Write a Formal Written Plan
  • Make Sure You Know What the Non-Negotiables Are

Understanding these 3 points is really important to your success in finding a church.  Make sure you keep the MAIN things the MAIN thing.  Too often people make the main things the negotiable, and their own personal preferences the NON-negotiables!  These people are plaguing themselves with churches that will falter on the True teaching of God’s Word.  These churches often focus more on Man centered worship than Christ centered worship.

2.  You Must Use Tools


Talk to your neighbors or get on the internet!  These are VALUABLE resources and cannot be neglected.  If you talk to your neighbors and they do not have a church, it makes it a GREAT transition to share with them the Gospel.

The internet is such a valuable tool…that is if the church has a website.  You can often listen to sermons or music from their church, and get an overall feel of what they are like.  However, in some cases this should not be your final decision maker.  Often the websites are very basic in information.  You may be able to get a general idea of doctrine, but the overall atmosphere is something that can ONLY be understood through walking through the front door.


3.  You Must Be Diligent

Treat finding a church like you would finding a job.  This church is going to be your spiritual influence!  You need to make sure that you leave not stone left unturned.  At the same time, make sure that you do not just visit one week and make that your church!  Visit several churches, and visit them multiple times.


4.  Make it a TOP Priority

Choosing a True church is NOT a small thing.  And it is not necessarily easy!  We must understand what the purpose of church is!  It is for the strengthening of ourselves through the GENUINE preaching of the Gospel.  The Word of God is something that needs to be the center of the church.  If the Word of God is not being preaching, opened, or expounded than you are not going to be stretched like you should!
If you are more focused on programs than the preaching of the Word of God, you will end up in a church that is shallow and will not teach you to stretch yourself spiritually.  The goal of a Christian and going to church is too stretch themselves to be more like Christ. It is not a social gathering and it is NOT about entertainment.  Do not exchange TRUTH for entertainment.



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Kids Bible Club In the Carbon Valley Vacation Bible School ALL Summer long!

Would you like Vacation Bible School ALL Summer Long?? Well now you can!

Kids Ages 4-12 Years Old, YOU ARE INVITED!
Most Tuesdays throughout the summer we will be having a Kids Bible Club. We are excited to announce our WEEKLY Bible Kids Club! Starting Tuesday June 10 at 9:30AM. All children ages 4-12 are invited! It will be in the Raspberry Hill subdivision park. Just drive north on Miller Rd in Frederick and you will run right into the park!

Call for more information 303-736-9959.


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Did You Invent God?



I am an inventor. Well at least I would like to think I am. I have tried many attempts at many different creations. I constantly think in my mind how can I make something quicker, faster, better, smarter, sharper, or more user friendly. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, I realize that I am usually not creating something BRAND new, but rather improving on technology that already exists. I always get excited when I finally come up with that one idea that I feel like will really go well with the people I introduce the invention to. The problem comes in when they point out all the problems with my ideas. They knock many holes into to it, leaving me discouraged and maybe even slightly embarrassed. I often wonder, “Why didn’t I think of the thoughts that they gave me?”


Too often I believe we try to invent God the same way. We make God the god of our own choosing rather than the God of the Scriptures. In Matthew 21, Jesus was making His final entry into Jerusalem for His last week of His life! Christ orchestrated this week from the very beginning. This was Passover week and Christ orchestrated everything this week, from the week that it was, to the day that He rode into Jerusalem, to the people that would be there, to the very day that He would die.


What is interesting about this passage is that the Jews shouted from the mountain tops that indeed this Christ was not just a savior, but the Savior. He was the Messiah! In Matthew 21:9 the Bible says, “And the crowds that went before him and that followed him were shouting, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”’ What is interesting about this phrase is that Hosanna means “Save Now!” And to follow they called Him the “Son of David” This phrase is a Messianic Title for the Messiah, the Savior of Souls! This was not just any title, but the title of the Savior of the world. The Jews indeed knew that this truly was the True Messiah, the True Savior of the World.  They just did understand this King and His Kingdom.


However, the Jews did not see Him as a Savior of their souls, but they were looking for a king or a savior of the city of Jerusalem. They were looking for a conqueror. They were looking for someone to conquer Rome. Further on this point, the palm branches that they put down symbolize a conqueror. Christ did not come to make war. He came to make peace. An eternal peace through an eternal Salvation.


Too often, just like these Jews, we make God the god of our liking rather than the God of the Bible. We invent what we think God should be. The only truth is that we need to make sure that our God, is the God of the Word. Not making God, the God of our fleshly desires and lusts. When we have the wrong view of God, everything else in our world will also have the wrong perspective.


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